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Lina Samuel

Fox 1 Tutorial (LAST) SOCIOL 2R03 Monday December 2, 2013 Test #5: • 55 M/C • No long answer Julie’s email: [email protected] Review • 3 Chapters Multiple Choice • 1) What is welfare to work? o Specific program implemented by the government o Get people off social assistance by training and getting into the labour market o How does it alleviate poverty? o Working but still not making enough money to get out of poverty • 2) What is relative poverty? o Level of poverty you experience in relation to others in a nation or community o Different from absolute poverty • 3) Are most poor people in the U.S white? o YES (numerically speaking) o But, radicalized groups are at a higher risk of being poor and experience poverty o 4) What % of people classified as poor are children? o 20% (of the poor are children) • 5) o They pay more on healthcare o Emergency and treatment costs more than preventative measures True or False 6) Black child in the U.S has less of a chance of seeing their first birthday than in Albania and Botswana: TRUE 7) Demographically speaking, is the face of poverty getting younger or older? Younger 8) Homelessness is the direct result of personal crisis or changes in relationships: False 9) Does Canada or the U.S have more children living under the poverty line? U.S 10) What country is the lowest % of children living below the poverty line? Denmark: Use funds for community and social programs 11) How
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