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Tu Budros

th LECTURE Friday November 16 Why are more women going into managerial positions? In Kanter’s book, she says the only way to increase the percentage of women in managerial positions is to have a shock hit the system of homosocial reproduction. If change is going to occur, it has to come from outside of organizations, jolts that force corporations that change their ways. Companies these days are really concerned that women are going to file discrimination charges against them; this is an external factor. This will cause the corporation tons of money, so they start hiring female managers. The other reason is because companies care about their reputation. They care about their legitimacy, what people think about them, what stockholders think about them, etc. therefore they hire more women. Implications Explaining Change: Computerization; women’s qualifications, male resocialization. Shocks: Gender discrimination suits, corporate legitimacy. Conformity pressures involving appearance, etc. Conformity pressures: If social similarity is so important to us, it’s always on people’s minds in organizations. Example: “In LBO, I think you should check ESPN. I just think it’s a question of accepting the industry you’re in and choosing to be prepared or not. I know nothing about football or basketball, but if it’s playoff time, I don’t think it’s asking too much to read who’s in the playoff
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