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Tu Budros

rd LECTURE Friday November 23 The Grass Ceiling: Golf and Careers “Golf is the sport of business and if women expect to exist and thrive in that environment, they‟ve got to be able to play. I‟ve had women come to me and say that they have been offered partnerships or vice-presidencies conditional on their learning golf.” “Most common leisure activity among senior executive women: Golf. Most cited reason for playing: Networking with the „right people.‟” “Learn to play golf. It‟s absolutely key.” “Advantage in salary of women executives with a 10 handicap or lower over non- golfing male colleagues with similar jobs: + $30 000.” “It‟s not just the words you use or the jokes you tell. What about all the informal socializing men participate in on the tennis court, on the golf court? Women miss out on that networking time because men routinely don‟t include them.” Women in Work Women who work up the ranks, do not tend to reach down and help other women. RECENT RESEARCH Study 1: The Effects of Numbers Focus on race and non-managerial jobs. Studies 2 – 3: The Net Gender Gap Approach to Promotions Gender  Human Capital (Example: Education, training)  Promotions Controls (Example: Marital status, child-bearing age)  Study 4: Variation on the Gender Interaction Approach to Promotions Human Capital (Education, training, tenure, job experience)  Behavioral (Perceptions of promotion chances or self-confidence, absenteeism, masculinity/femininity of employees‟ child
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