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th Friday September 28 Three organizational factors push or enable service firms to routinize emotion work: (1) A need for quality interactions (McDonald’s & Combined Insurance); (2) The inability or unwillingness of workers to conduct the interactions (insurance agents in the first case; McDonald’s workers in the second case); & (3) Task simplicity facilitates the performance of emotion work (McDonald’s). But the point is that the routinization of emotion work & service work more generally, is a challenge. Unpredictable Clients & Workers Service firms favor routinization because it de-skills. However, the ability to de-skill, routinize, and deal with clients increases with (Stinchombe): (1) Market Stability: There is consumer demand for burgers & insurance (2) The Stability of Product Specification: The public buys the same burgers and insurance contracts over time (3) Technological Stability: Grills and insurance premiums calculations are known (4) Stable Raw Materials, Parts, and Environments: Meat and contracts are available The Personal Touch The regimented, depersonalized nature of standardized employee-client interactions can undercut the quality of service. Example: Customers resentment of workers automatically reciting scripted lines. Example: “When you see them receiving passengers with that big smile, I don’t thin
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