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Tu Budros

th Tutorial Thursday October 25 1. Scripting (only focuses on verbal sayings, no physical components) 2. Emotion work. Deep acting – he is not necessarily happy, but you can’t sulk while saying the HHT cheer. Don’t get personal transformation mixed up with emotion work 3. Scripting. The trainee is forced to say the joke because it is part of the script, regardless of how genuine he feels it is. Personality transformation. He knows the joke is not funny, although he still laughs at it. He must change his personality based on whoever the client is. Emotion work; surface acting is also incorporated into this, such as the smile. 4. Standardization of body movement. All service agents are required to act this way. Deep acting. He might be nervous, but he is telling himself “be cool, relax” 5. Problematic party. Management and customers are controlling the workers. For example, if a customer complains, then the worker can get fired, so they must work a certain way. Unpredictability. Not expecting client to respond in that fashion. The CI agent cannot u
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