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th Tuesday November 6 Lecture NATURALIST PERSPECTIVE – QUICK OVERVIEW  People looked at what rationalists thought of goals, saw that institutions had explicit goals  Naturalists say it is more complicated than that  Interested in how institutions actually behave, not how they should behave  Rationalists thought of workers as economic machines  Naturalists say that we are social and psychological workers, we care about our status and whether people think about us or not NATURAL SYSTEMS PERSPECTIVE Definition: An organization is a collectivity whose members share a common interest in the organization’s survival and who engage in informal activities in order to survive Goal Complexity and Displacement  Organizations don’t pursue just one goal, always pursue multiple goals  Corporation’s care about their reputation, their legitimacy  Hospitals don’t just cure patients, they also have financial considerations; pursue more than one goal  Universities don’t just educate students, they also have an interest in financial matters; pursue more than one goal  Can hospitals give patients maximum care and maximize profits at the same time? Can universities give high-quality education while still trying to make revenue? o Goals may not be mutually accomplishable  People in organizations are often in conflict with each other  People in these organizations sometimes lose sight of goals, and pursue other matters  Iron Law of Oligarchy – This idea happens in all organizations. Organizations over time lose interest in the goals they were meant to pursue, and stray off the path for egotistical goals o Example: Launch an o
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