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nd Tuesday October 2 Routinizing Through Personal Transformation The above strategies may not eliminate unpredictable client demands (and workers). Service firms can deal further with unpredictability by relying on workers‟ discretion when: (1) Customizing is crucial, (2) Worker-client interactions are difficult (selling to reticent buyers), (3) Workers are free of managerial control. When unpredictability is sufficiently worrisome, firms often routinize through personal transformation to produce quality employee-customer interactions. Example: Amway’s “Duplicating”: Fundamentally alter salespeople‟s lives, molding their family lives, political beliefs, religious values, personal goal, and self-concepts. Urge workers to cut off ties with friends or relatives critical of Amway, etc. Workers’ Control of Deviant Clients, Clients Control of Workers Example: If a waiter doesn‟t like a customer, they will „accidentally‟ drop a plate of food on them. McDonald’s The Firm Background Information (2010) 31 000 restaurants employing 1.5million people in 119 countries. It serves nearly 47 million customers every day. 95% of U.S. consumers eat at McDonald‟s at least once a year. More than 13% of all Americans – at least 20 million people – have worked at McDonald‟s (1994). Conditions of Employment Reliance on young part-timers with no benefits. Primarily, male grillers and female counter or w
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