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Study Guides for Social Psychology at McMaster University

SOCPSY 1Z03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Social Forces, In-Group Favoritism, Sexual Assault

Final exam review Development of attitudes What are attitudes and social attitudes Attitudes are evaluations of people, places, things, behaviours and ideas etc. - Interested in how social forces affect individuals attitud...

Social Psychology
Paul Galvin
SOCPSY 1Z03 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Scientific Method, Social Cognition, Ingroups And Outgroups

Test one review September 7th 2018 Intro to Social Psychology What is social psychology - The systematic study of the nature and causes of human social behaviour Three components of this definition: Social behaviour - Beha...

Social Psychology
Paul Galvin
SOCPSY 1Z03 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Scientific Method, Symbolic Interactionism, Quantitative Research

Social Psychology Mid-term Review Text Chapters: 1, 2, 4, 3, 6. For videos: Know what video is about, the main themes of videos, how video connects to the course material. Understand theoretical perspecti...

Social Psychology
Dr. Sarah Clancy
SOCPSY 1Z03 Study Guide - Fall 2018 Quiz Notes - Orbital inclination, Dyslexia, Social control

Social Psychology Exam Review Attitudes It exists in our mind and is about something, an object They can be explicit or implicit Components of Attitudes Cognitions o Based on set of cognitio...

Social Psychology
All Professors
SOCPSY 3Y03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Black Kids, Motivation, Erving Goffman

SOCPSY 3Y03 Final Exam Review PreMidterm Review . Definitions Social Psychology: seeks to understand how people think about, feel about, relate to, and influence one another through interaction and intersubjectivity; can ...

Social Psychology
Meridith Griffin
SOCPSY 1Z03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Classical Conditioning, Social Influence, Groupthink

Readings: Chapters 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 only study Groupthink, and 16. Topics to be Emphasized on Exam: Attitudes What are Attitudes Components of Attitudes ExplicitImplicit Attitudes Affect and Cognition Based Attitudes ...

Social Psychology
Paul Glavin

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