SOCIOL 1A06 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Nuclear Family, Cultural Capital, Television Consumption

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Ch 1 ns, ch 1, 3, 7 siq, 1 becker. Main sociological paradigms: structural functionalism (order theory; macro, conflict theory(change theory; macro, symbolic interactionism (change theory; micro, feminist theories (change theory; macro and micro) Class conflict between working-class and owners of capital. Focus on gender relations and gender based inequalities. Structural functionalist"s argue that funeral services serve to increase social solidarity. Funerals provide public social support for individuals who are privately grieving. Feminist theorists highlight how masculinity is created; in our society men are expected to be stoic. Feminist theory focuses on gender relations, gender differences and gender socialization. Conflict theorists problematize the role of religion in society. According to this theory religion pacifies the working class and prevents the development of class consciousness, which is needed to overthrow capitalism. Symbolic internationalists suggest that symbols and material objects are important in understanding how grieving is constructed and actively created.