SOCIOL 2RR3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Inter Caetera, Paradigm Shift, Culture Jamming

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Sociology 2rr3 exam review (10) (weeks 7 to 12) Wed. dec 19 2012 @ 7:30 pm iwc 2. Week 7: energy, climate change and the politics of sustainability. Video: tar sands aboriginal communities tend to be the most effected. Because tar sands are out of sight the public is less concerned because they cannot see it. Week 8: we are not the savages indian residential schools. Aboriginals consider themselves to be a nation within a nation. System of treaties vs. assimilation one respecting and one attempting to erase. Systemic racism: pattern of behaviour, policies or practices that are of the structures of an organization and which create or perpetuate disadvantaged for racialized persons. Racialization: process of attaching race to a group based on certain criteria (label as fundamentally different) Article: whites have different understanding of apology: thought an apology was enough lets just move one laissez-faire racism: aboriginal inability to forgive/forget.

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