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Lecture 2 setting the agenda: what can we learn about inequality from studying culture? (jan 9) Using it as an empirical world and soc conception. Internet: the total of inherited ideas, beliefs, values and knowledge which constitute the shared bases of social action. An action as realm of activity of popular art & culture. The idea of culture as a way of life or cultural group. Includes ethnicity but also what it means to be a student at mac than at waterloo. Internet: biological sense and cultivation of plants by scientific methods designed to improve it. We cultivate some kind of purposeful activity: culture as cultivation: Western history questioning western values, ideal there, was the notion of reasoning subjects and as rational and critical beings. The idea of (cid:498)refining(cid:499) and (cid:498)uplifting(cid:499) (cid:523)e. g. through education(cid:524) Another realm of activity valued by society activity thru arts in someone"s manners and appearance: culture as in arts (cid:498)the arts(cid:499)

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