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SOCIOL 2S06 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Social Conflict, Industrial Revolution, Social Order

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November 10th 2015
Review of Part I
Emergence of sociological theory
The enlightenment
o Influenced sociological theory
o Reason and rationality, scientific, oriented toward social change
The conservative reaction to the enlightenment
o Influenced sociological theory
o Traditional, religious, oriented toward social order
Right from the beginnings we see the fundamental tension between social
order and social order, between maintaining society as it is, or pushing
toward making it better
French sociology
o Comte paved the way for Durkheim
o Stages of development of theological thought
o Coined the term sociology
o Building on the idea presented by the enlightenment thinkers
o Comte influenced Durkheim
o Durkheim ran with the ideas of Comte
German sociology
o Hegel and Feuerbach paved the way for Marx
o Weber reacted to the work of Marx
o Hegel’s focus on the dialectic and Feuerbach’s focus on materialism
and came up with the dialectical materialism
o We have to look at the conflicts and contradictions associated with the
material production process
o Weber engaged in a debate with the ghost of Marx
Marx, Durkheim and Weber
o The lives of all three men affected their theoretical ideas
o Example all three lived during the industrial revolution and wrote
about the impact it had on society
o Mar focused on capitalism and how industrial revolution was
connected to capitalism
o Durkheim focused on solidarity
Analysis of modern industrial capitalist society
o Marx (production, inequality and conflict in capitalist society)
All of these are connected to the developmental of industrial
capitalist society
o Durkheim (organic solidity in modern society; normal, anomic and
forced division of labour
Have to depend on others to do their job
If they don’t do that society wont work well
Talked about different forms of the division of labour
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