SOCIOL 3B03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Sex Segregation, Masculinity, Gender Binary

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2 May 2016
Soc 1 – Test 3
Gender and Sexualities – Key Points from Prezi
Sex – socially agreed upon biological criteria
Intersex – person with male and female anatomy (a hermaphrodite)
Gender – socially constructed ideals of male and female
Binaries – the classification of sex and gender into two distinct, opposite, and disconnected forms of
feminine and masculine; it is one type of gender system; the gender binary is like a social boundary that
discourages people from crossing or mixing gender roles
- What is a guy according to Guyland? A guy is typically, but not always, white and middle class.
He is college bound, in college, or a recent college graduate. He is unmarried. He drifts from
“hookup to hookup”. He shares housing with other “guys” or he lives with his parents. He is
typically employed or unemployed. When employed, he works at jobs with minimal hours and
responsibilities so that he has more time to party, and if the job gets too serious, he moves on.
- It’s sex, drinking, video games; sports, porn, pizza and beer
- Possibly a consequence of helicopter parenting in which parents play a major role until the
“guys” leave home for college
- “Guys” put women into groups: babes (willing to enter Guyland) and bitches (not willing, and
focus on their education and careers)
Gender relations (social) – organizing principles that shape the relative importance of men and women
Transgendered – umbrella term for people who do not fit into normative constructions of gender
identity; Int’l Transgender Day of Rememberance is November 20
Constructing masculinities – picture of males together touching/ sitting with each other
Hegemonic masculinity – culturally dominant; tied to heterosexuality; tied to power (James Bond, buff
magazine cover guy)
Emphasized femininity; culturally valued form (lipstick wearing, cheerleaders)
Infantalization of women in popular culture: ‘spanking women’
Shifting norms of feminine ideals
Gender ideologies in Disney
Occupational sex segregation: women represent 70% of part-time work workers
Pink Ghetto – women’s work at women’s wages
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Exchange theory: the assertion that power in a relationship is influenced by the resources a member
brings to the relationships
How do we perform gender/ Gender performance – how do we become self-regulating “subjects”
Challenging gender norms – ex. male etaking care of the children while wife is out working
- Orientation
- Identity
- Acts
Heterosexism – heterosexism is ok and normal, and others are deviant/ abnormal
Homosexuality – individuals attracted to members of the same sex
Pansexuality – individual who is romantically or spiritually attracted to people regardless of their gender
or biological sex
Bisexuality - individual attracted to both men and women
Homophobia – fear or hatred for homosexual individuals; can lead to discrimination, harassment or
violence towards these individuals
Biphobia: the irrational fear or hatred of bisexuals
Sexual relation through language: baby boy wearing ‘stud t shirt’, the slut walk, girl with characteristics
of her dress length written down her leg
Sexual Relationships
Monogamy – coupling of two people, w/o intimate involvement of others
Non-monogamy: sexual interactions with more than one person during a given period, or any sexual
relationship involving more than two people (which leads to Polyamory)
Serial monogamy – relationship that has one monogamous relationship after another
Polygyny – man with more than 1 wife
Polyandry – woman with more than 1 husband
Polygamy – polyandry and polygyny
Polyamory – mutually acknowledged emotional, spiritual, sexual, romantic connection with multiple
partners aka “OPEN” relationship
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