SOCIOL 3GG3 Lecture 8: SOCI 3GG3 Tutorial Worksheet Zoophilia March 2019

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Published on 7 May 2019
SOCI 3GG3 Tutorial Worksheet
Topic: Bestiality/Zoophilia
March 5, 2019
Please use our reading (Beetz, 2008) on bestiality and zoophilia (Avenue) and the documentary
Hidden Love: Animal Passions (2016) to think through the following questions.
Documentary Link:
1. What are the differences/similarities of bestiality and zoophilia (b/z)?
2. Define the term paraphilia. How is criminality connected to this understanding? How does this
compare to zoosexuality (p. 203) and other descriptors in the article and documentary such as
zoosadism (p. 204)? Why do we need/use labels like these?
3. How do the authors, practitioners, and documentarians discuss consent?
4. What connections are drawn with sexual violence and abuse?
5. Connecting the article and documentary to broader sociological concepts and issues (e.g. gender,
SES), how are the actors (including animals) and their environments in these works portrayed?
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