SOCIOL 3P03 Study Guide - Final Guide: World-Systems Theory, Structural Marxism, Mark Granovetter

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* political economy the study of production. Role of primitive accumulation and what it does. Review understanding of the state among: structural marxist, instrumental marxism, and regulation theory and political (see reading and lecture) * relationship between institution of slavery, racism and colonialism. * metropolis colony; core periphery; center satellite. * how is this tied to colonization --- slide 15-29, Note: development re: rationale (slide 33 october 1) (**review lecture notes october 1 and. Mcnally and wood dealt with the ideology that the third world has a different ideology as first world and we should change it. Arigi (more in line with dependency theory) **not. * undersocialized (agency) and over socialized (structure) social actor. Communicative action socialization knowledge public sphere (linked to the lifeworld) 3 tricks of ideology (appears neutral but is not) Review all lecture notes ---- some key ideas are raised that are not tied explicitly to a theorist, but more generally to a theory.

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