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Teens top five sources of entertainment: television/media, technology, sleep, friends, sports. Sexual activity across generations: 68-88 (4, 58-68 (3, 28-57 (1, 13-28 (2) In terms of trying to answer some of these questions, although things might have changed amongst teens and adults over generations, some of the basic values are constant. Bibby tested for values over the generations, found that there are constant values in their lives. Not on the constant values that are present in every generation. Bibby found that there isn"t a generation gap, and adults and teens have a lot in common: most people don"t realize this, older generations believe that they value things that younger teens don"t. The values of intergenerational gap: honesty, family life, concern for others, spirituality, the perceived percentage of teens indicating these values are important is much different then what teens actually believe.

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