SOCSCI 2P03 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Sensationalism, Kingsley Davis, Mother 3

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Most people younger and older aren"t aware of it. Adults think they value things that are important and younger people don"t. Honesty, family life, concern for others, spirituality are fading among both older and younger generations. Teens: how teens are perceived by adults vs. actual. Clearly adults think youth value these traits a lot less than they actually do. Teens think adults value these traits a lot less than they actually do. Young people are spiritual, but not for organized religion. Seems to be a disconnect between generations in terms of perception, but in actuality, they overlap. Young people and old people have a lot more common ground than they thought. Friends consistently number 1 for both males and females. Music consistently number 2 for both male and females. 4th/5th for males : parents have to spend more time with their children and make them understand the important relationship they have.

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