SOCSCI 2P03 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cindy Crawford, Child Ballads, Verbal Abuse

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May not hang with a lot of people but they are hard not to like (they can move seamlessly among peers within their age and other age cohorts whether engaging children, building repertoire with adults and the elderly) When dealing with adults they have respect for them and see them as a source of knowledge and wisdom. An apprenticeship with pride they like to be with adults and want to learn everything they can (and they don"t have an attitude) Self-efficacy they have a sense of their ability to deal with any situation. They never give up they have the ability to get accomplished what they want to. If life hands them a lemon, they make lemonade. Willing to find a resolution to every situation. They like to find a place of privacy and peace they are comfortable alone and they like to have the time to reflect. The world health organization says that most people have trouble being alone.