THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Movie Projector, Theatre Organ, Click Track

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Projected images in a rotating glass disk in rapid succession to appear as motion. Peephole viewer for a single person to observe moving pictures without sound. Had a phonograph connected to it so you could watch the video and hear recorded sound/music. Take film, print film and project images onto a screen. Developed for film accompaniment in the silent film era. Use of heavy vibrato to add energy to a sound. Could achieve sound affects car horn, thunder sheets, drums, bells. Have a huge rank of pipes (size to allow for different sounds) Not specifically used for silent films but more dance halls. Play a melody and accompaniment with one hand. Coordinate visual images from a projector with recorded sound on a phonograph disc. Warner brothers introduced the vitaphone with the short film don juan (1926) Holes placed in a film creates a clicking sound that only the conductor and musicians can hear.

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