THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Thematic Transformation, Counterpoint, Gesamtkunstwerk

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Very influential german opera composer in the 19th century. Died before films but inspired film musicians with his techniques. Work of art that makes use of all or many art forms. Music, script, costume, acting etc. should all be well integrated. Each artwork on their own should be able to communicate the heart of the story. The final drama is more valuable than the sum of the parts. Hard to mix art that occupies space and time but a total artwork combines them. Seen in its entirety in any given moment. Musical theme associated with a character, object or emotion. Most often very short (2 or 3 notes) not always audible (have to see the score) As the thing undergoes transformations the theme does as well. The themes of different things can interact and combine. Themes of a female and male lovers combine in counterpoint when they are together.

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