THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Vichy France, Free France, Police Captain

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Rick owns a caf for european refugees to hang out. She ruined both his marriages and his law practice. Ilsa is an innocent victim of the war events. United states is not yet involved in the war. Government formed by unoccupied france after germany took over paris. Named under their new capital in vichy, france. Independent, but acted as an extension of the nazi germany dictatorship. Was at odds with the forces of free france (laszlo) While film was shot, allied forces took control of casablanca. Film was released at a very politically important time and was very successful. Rick"s caf americain: american popular music vs. rival caf the blue parrot: arabian popular music. Rick owns caf americain, a club for people to gather, drink and gamble and try to get exit visas to leave and go to usa. Rick begins the film as a self-centered, detached man with no friends and believing in nothing.

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