THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Motion Picture Production Code, Saul Bass, Pizzicato

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Long history of film making into the silent film era. Very well versed in telling a story with just images and music. Director of the very first british talking film. Studied at julliard; leading institution for classical musical training. Quit before he finished there because the training was too conservative (19th century) Known for his outspoken opinion of his distaste for popular music in films. Also the composer for citizen kane, vertigo and north by northwest. City pan view reduces down to the peephole of a window. Superimposition of the face of death on norman"s face. Model for using sex and violence in film. See marion"s bra, nakedish body in the shower. Even though she is having an affair and stole 40 thousand dollars. When marion dies, norman becomes the main character. Story is not about marion, sam or the stolen money anymore. Single tone quality (strings) is aurally similar to the black/white film.

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