THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Keyboard Instrument, Cinema Of The United States, Harpsichord

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Vietnam war (1970) sparked 3 war films: patton, catch-22, m*a*s*h. Limited to the: opening/closing credits, source music, transitions, montages, landscape panoramas, scenes of movement/action. Great general moods; not changing or an individuals emotions. More use of adapted scores, eclectic scores (style hybrids) Modern music to highlight the nightmare-like world of the 1970s. 18th century keyboard instrument to add colour to the music or have an "past" sound. New american cinema had to express the frustrations and concerns of american society. Mostly either modern or popular and a new electronic style appeared. G, m, r (need an adult <17) and x (only over 17) Restricted ratings can really affect the success of a film since teens are a huge consumer. Music was sparse and mostly modern or popular. Rise of directors who have finally graduated from film schools. See attempts to give homage to film traditions. God father and star wars all had sequels.

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