THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Historical Realism, Graphic Violence, Spike Lee

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1990s was one of the most remarkable periods in american history. Important trends include the tendencies towards dark moods, historical realism and graphic violence. Occasional fantasies, but they have lost their mass appeal. Numerous films with historical settings, people and backgrounds. Home alone (john williams), hook (4 musical themes) Most important musical development of the early 1990s. Little mermaid, beauty and the beast, aladdin, pocahontas, hunchback, hercules. Song writer: elton john; circle of life underscoring the birth of simba. Forrest gump, spike lee, boyz in the hood. Cities and prisons were depicted with graphic violence. Good fellas, pulp fiction, silence of the lambs, shawshank redemption. 1990s trend of graphically portraying tragic events of recent past.

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