THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Peep Show, Kinetoscope, Horror Film

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Edison"s kinetoscope was debuted in a peepshow parlor in london. Lumiers design the cinematographe that records and projects films. First public showing of a film ever with the lumier"s cinematographe. Short films with no synchronized recorded sound and no dialogue. Add a human element to a dehumanized (2d) experience (illusion of reality) Made the audience more comfortable to a new experience. Occupied the ear so the audience, street sounds and mechanics of the projector didn"t distract from the vision. Every audience could have heard a different piece of instrumental music. Piano, organ and orchestras were the most common. Organ was the most common movie theatre instrument. Before and after a film and during reel changes. During a film if source music was needed. Played wall-to-wall to set the entire films mood. Did not enhance character, setting or movement with music yet. Needed to support a specific scene with the appropriate music to enhance the drama.