THTRFLM 2T03 Study Guide - Lennie Hayton, Gotta Dance, A. M. Best

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Musical numbers take up 1/2 of the film. Shocking 13 minute dance routine "gotta dance" with no dialogue. Singing that"s the same as speech, but on a single note, with free rhythm and little accompaniment. Often focus on one emotion, tangentially related to the plot. Known for producing many highly regarded musicals for mgm in the 1950s. He had completed a catalogue of songs for mgm. Familiar with transition from silent to sound films. Composed by nacio brown and lyrics by him. Help you follow something in the past vs. present distinctly. Songs that are extremely entertaining aren"t crucial to the drama o. Like freezing the plot and analyzing an emotion that happens during that time. Song and music which are more integrated into the drama. Follows 2 silent film stars in their struggles to transition to sound film. Antagonist, silent film star with a hideous voice. Scene: don and lina arrive at a silent film premier.

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