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Women’s Studies
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Melinda Gough

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Women’s Studies 1A03 Winter 2014 Quiz 1 Feedback 1. According to Susan Bordo, our culture's insistence on equating male sexuality with performance rather than pleasure ultimately benefits neither women nor men. True --- see Bordo p. 166 re. the impact on women’s sexual objectification and representation as passive (vs. male as active), Bordo p. 167 for the limiting effects on men 2. According to Susan Bordo, restrictions onaccess to the prescription drug viagra are necessary in order to counteract the damaging effects on men of what she calls a "mythology of unwavering potency." False --- see in particular Bordo p. 167 3. Western beauty ideals limit women by manipulating time, according to Mernissi, enforcing the idea that to be beautiful, a woman must be childish and brainless. True --- see in particular Mernissi p. 149 4. Outlining
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