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McMaster University
Women’s Studies
Melinda Gough

Women’s Studies 1A03 Winter 2014 Quiz 2 Feedback 1. In Ahn’s view, the contemporary media promotes superficial images of feminists as angry aggressive women, while simultaneously representing women’s equality as having been already achieved. True --- see Ahn p. 119-120 2. Christina Ahn defines feminism as: (a) an outdated movement, since women have already achieved full equality globally (b) "kiss-ass" girl power of the kind depicted in popular television shows and ads for Spice Girls paraphanalia (c) a social and political movement for the advancement of women (d) b. and c. above (e) none of the above Answer: (c) -- see Ahn p. 121; for why (b) is wrong, see Ahn p. 119-20 3. First wave feminists, according to Kesselman et. al., insisted that full equality between men and women could only be achieved when all women were granted full reproductive rights. False --- see Kesselman et. al. p. 10 4. According to Kesselman et. al., feminist scholars developed the term "sexism" to more fully account for and analyze: (a) a perv
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