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FILM 1143 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Frame Story, Proxemics, Continuity Editing

Film Studies
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FILM 1143
Mario Trono
Study Guide

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-Define mise-en-scène and explain what 4 terms mean.
Mise en scene refers to composition of a shot and how things are arranged within a shot (aka staging). It
is the design; look and feel of what is seen. It is what we see that gets placed in front of the camera
1. Dominant: the point to which your eye is first drawn to when seeing a shot.
2. Lines of Force: The suggested and imagined directions that objects or people in a frame may
move, literally or symbolically
3. Camera Proxemics (intimate, personal, social, or public): How near or far the camera is in
relation to a character
4. Subsidiary Contrasts: The points at which your eye then stops, after seeing the dominant, as it
moves around the frame
-Explain how shots and lighting affect the mood and meaning of a scene. (use 6 terms total.)
The use of camera angles affects the mood and meaning of a scene as it can create a tone. The usage of
actor proxemics and camera proxemics (intimate, social, personal or public) can depict a certain mood
the character has towards a situation or other characters. The use of lighting in a film can generate
emotions such as fear. Backlighting as shown in Psycho right before the shower scene can generate fear
and anxiety. The angle of light in a scene can also be used to describe a characters personality. In
Double Indemnity low key lighting and the angles of the very little lighting in the scene show Phyllis in a
well lit shot, displaying her as a feminine figure with much beauty contrasted to the end of the film
when she is shown with less lighting creating the idea of her more darker personality and vice versa with
Walter. The use of compositional weights ( how much or how little space a character in a shot takes up)
can be used to illustrate how much power a person has
-What is the most interesting scene for you from either Juno or Psycho?
The parlor scene from Psycho was particularly interesting as it started off so calmly but at the end of the
scene I felt anxiety for Marion as something about Norman seemed very off-putting. This scene I found
particularly highlighted each character. While showing Marion as a figure of warmth and happiness
through the well lit lighting on her face, Hitchcock displayed Norman far from any light creating that idea
of a darker mysterious character while using the camera to highlight the birds and making the
connection to Norman’s mind.
-Explain any 3 editing terms and 2 sound terms.
1. Match on Action: The movement or action of a person or object in shot A is continued or matched in
some way in shot B.
2. Rhythm: If shots are of short duration, then an edited sequence will feel quickly paced, and if the
shots are long, slowly paced. The rhythm of alternating shots can be used to create different emotions in
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