PSYC 2283 Study Guide - Comprehensive Midterm Guide: Gender Role, Anna O., Defence Mechanisms

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Psyc 2283 - lecture 1 - the biography of sigmund freud. He was born in 1856 and later died in 1939. Most famous for developing the psychoanalytic theory. Born in freiberg moravia (modern day czech republic) in 1856. Spent most of his life (80 years) in vienna, austria. Eldest son of eight (younger brother died at 6 months) Breuer"s patient anna o turned freud"s attention to a psychological interpretation of physical symptoms. In 1895, studies in hysteria was published: noted the use of hypnosis, anna o. was a young woman, her real name berta pappenheim (anna o. was an analogy for the alpha and omega ) Her father was very ill and dying, which might have led to her extreme anxiety. Breuer and freud wanted to use a more academic-sounding term, and thus changed it to catharsis (in greek: purification or cleansing) Breuer lost enthusiasm after his difficult experience with anna o. , but freud continued to work with the concept.