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Study Guides for BIOC 1430 at Memorial University

Biochemistry for Nurses

BIOC 1430 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Fructose, Phosphatidylethanolamine, Amylopectin

L Isomer one of two mirrorimage forms. Only L amino acids are constituents of proteins. Zwitterion a dipolar ionIf pH < pKa, protonateIf pH > pKa, deprotonateIf pH changes so it crosses pKa, then it will changeNon polarGly...

BIOC 1430
Philip Davis
BIOC 1430 Study Guide - Final Guide: Glycogenolysis, Glucagon, Cellulose

Multiple- Choice Questions 1. What is the major purpose of phosphorylating glucose in cytosol? ­ To destabilize glucose and facilitate the next series of metabolic steps 2. Which two 3­carbon molecules ar...

BIOC 1430
Philip Davis
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