GEOG 1050 Final: GEOG1050 – Final Review

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GEOG 1050
Yolande Pottie- Sherman

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GEOG1050 FinalReview Growing Demand Consider definitions of resources and growing demand as a global force o Growing Demand The impact that human desires place upon natural resources, services, and gene pool of our planet (Smith, p. 13) o What is a resource? Ecological goods and services consumed by humans in the form of energy or materials Natural resources Energy or materials produced by biological, geological, or other environmental process that serve as inputs to the economy Discuss the difference between renewable and nonrenewable resources o Renewable resources Replenish themselves, or replenishable o Nonrenewable resources Finite; dont replenish within the human timescale Explain and apply the Reserve to Production (RP) Ratio; as well as its limitations o Reserves (proven)Production (current rate of depletion) = Life Index (years left) of a resource o Forecast future availability of resource to determine project life, income, employment, etc. Define and state the significance of the ecological footprint o Ecological footprint Land and sea area required to support the resource demands and absorb the waste of a given population Define inequality and interpret geographic patterns (i.e. global, national, urban) and trends over time o What is inequality? Conditions arising from the uneven distribution of a socially valued good (i.e. income, wealth, access to clean drinking water, etc.) or attribute (i.e. good health, long life) within a given population Describe the global Occupy Movement and relate to inequality o The Global Occupy Movement StartedonWallStreetin2011asanangryreactionagainstthe1andtheir (alleged?) role in the 2008 financial crisis, and the fact that poorly regulated, outofcontrol banks were bailed out with taxpayers money. It then spread. Discuss how inequality is reflected in Canadian society o Who are our poor? 4.8 million Canadians live in lowincome households
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