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PHIL 1100
Arthur Sullivan

Philosophy 1100: Critical Thinking Summarized Class Notes Dan Kalbhenn PHIL 1100 Arthur Sullivan Chapter 5  Seven conditions under which a premise is acceptable: 1. supported by subargument 2. supported elsewhere 3. knowable a priori 4. common knowledge 5. supported by appropriate testimony 6. supported by appropriate authority 7. for the sake of argument  1 is the paradigm case; 2+5+6 are basically specific ways of giving subarguments; and3+4+7 are special cases in which no subargument is required.  Seven conditions under which a premise is unacceptable: 1. easy refutability 2. false a priori 3. premises are inconsistent 4. too vague or ambiguous 5. dependent upon controversial assumption 6. premises not more certain than conclusion 7. begging the question  1 + 2 + 4: absolute; 3 + 5: getting into the nuances of interpretation; 6 + 7: the proper relation of Ps to C Chapter 6 RELEVANCE is a relation between two bits or bodies of information (e.g., between two claims, or between some data and a theory, or etc.). More specifically, it is a relation between their meaning, or truth-conditions To say that A is relevant to B is to say that the truth or falsity of A has some bearing on the rational acceptability of B. If this premise were true, what affect would it have on
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