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Memorial University
PSYC 1000

1When the zygote splits identical twins are formed When does this split create the greatest likelihood of complicationsA right at conceptionB 04 days after conceptionC 48 days after conceptionD 812 days after conceptionE 12 or more days after conceptionF likelihood of complications are the same for all splitting timesCorrect Answer C2Taking an overdose ofis likely to result in deathA barbituratesB morphineC heroinD any of these drugsCorrect Answer D3Which of the following drugs is most likely to produce a euphoric high and feelings of social intimacyA SeconalB opiumC EcstasyD marijuanaCorrect Answer C4Alcohol marijuana cocaine and a wide variety of other chemical agents that alter perceptions and moods are calledA stimulantsB narcotic agentsC psychoactive drugsD hallucinogensCorrect Answer C5Alcohol consumption is LEAST likely to make people moreA fearfulB aggressiveCselfconsciousD sexually daringCorrect Answer C6The major effect ofis to release stored serotonin and block its reabsorptionA alcoholB heroinC EcstasyD NembutalCorrect Answer C7African American teens have rates of smoking and rates of cocaine use than other US teens
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