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PSYC 1000

1Looking inward and reporting your immediate sensations images and feelings is calledA cognitive neuroscienceB introspectionC behaviorismD humanismCorrect Answer B2Which perspective would help us to understand the impact of strokes and brain diseases on memoryA evolutionaryB behavioralC psychodynamicD neuroscienceCorrect Answer D 3For no apparent reason Adam has recently begun to feel so tense and anxious that he frequently stays home from work Adam would benefit from talking to anpsychologistA industrialorganizationalB clinicalC personalityD biologicalCorrect Answer B4During a dinner conversation a friend says that the cognitive and behavioral perspectives are quite similar You disagree and point out that the cognitive perspective emphasizes whereas the behavioral perspective emphasizesA conscious processes observable responses B unconscious processes conscious processesC overt behaviors covert behaviorsD introspection experimentationCorrect Answer A5The scientific attitude of humility is most likely to be undermined byA hindsight biasB curious skepticismC critical thinkingD ethical standardsCorrect Answer A6Assessing whether conclusions are warranted by the existing evidence best illustratesA critical thinkingB observationC experimentationD predictionCorrect Answer A 7A statement describing how a researcher measures a research variable is known as anA hypothesisB control condition C replicationD operational definitionCorrect Answer D 8To understand the unusual behavior of an adult client a clinical psychologist carefully investigates the clients current life situation and his physical socialcultural and educational history Which research method has the psychologist usedA the surveyB the case studyC experimentationD naturalistic observationCorrect Answer B9To determine whether the strength of peoples selfesteem is related to their income levels researchers would most likely make use ofA case studiesB correlational researchC experimentation D naturalistic observationCorrect Answer B10Random assignments minimizesbetween experimental and control groups Random sampling minimizesbetween a sample and a populationA similarities differencesB differences similaritiesC similarities similaritiesD differences differencesCorrect Answer D11For which of the following distributions of scores would the median most clearly be a more appropriate measure of centraltendency than the meanA 10 22 8 9 6B 12 6 8 5 4 C 12 15 12 9 12D 23 7 3 27 16Correct Answer A12In transmitting sensory information to the brain an electrical signal travels from theof a single neuronA dendrites to the axon to the cell bodyB axon to the cell body to the dendritesC dendrites to the cell body to the axonD axon to the dendrites to the cell bodyCorrect Answer C13Increasing excitatory signals above the threshold for neural activation will not affect the intensity of an action potential This indicates that an neurons reaction isA inhibited by the myelin sheath B delayed by the refractory period
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