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PSYC 1000

1Each time you see you car it projects a different image on the retinas of your eyes yet you do not perceive it as changing This is because ofA interpositionB retinal disparityC perceptual constancyD figuregroundCorrect Answer C2Although several students in the classroom are talking loudly Jims attention is focused only on what his girlfriend is saying In this instance the girlfriends voice is aA figureB gestaltC perceptual constancy D monocular cueCorrect Answer A3Color constancy refers to the fact thatA light waves reflected by an object remain constant despite changes in lightingB objects are perceived to be the same color even if the light they reflect changesC the perceived color of an object has a constant relation to its brightnessD the frequency of light waves is directly proportional to the lights wavelength Correct Answer B4A 3D movie enhances our sense of depth perception by simulating the effects ofA interpositionB retinal disparityC linear perspectiveD perceptual constancyCorrect Answer B 5The illusion of movement in animated neon signs is known asA interposition B relative motionC the McGurk effectD the phi phenomenonCorrect Answer D 6The term gestalt meansA groupingB sensationC perceptionD wholeCorrect Answer D 7Because she mistakenly thought she was much closer to the mountain than she actually was Fiona perceived the mountain to be than it actually wasA higherB smallerC more richly colorful
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