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PSYC 1000

1Memory of facts is toas memory of skills is toA brainstem hippocampusB explicit memory implicit memoryC automatic processing effortful processingD shortterm memory longterm memoryCorrect Answer B2Some of the information in ourmemory is encoded intomemoryA iconic shortterm B shortterm sensoryC flashbulb shorttermD longterm iconicCorrect Answer A3A flashbulb memory would typically be stored inmemoryA iconicB implicitC echoicD longtermCorrect Answer D4The increase in synaptic firing potential that contributes to memory formation is known asA lateralizationB automatic processingC longterm potentiationD synaptic communicationCorrect Answer C5During basketball practice Jans head was painfully elbowed If the trauma to her brain disrupts her memory we would expect that Jan would be most likely to forgetA the name of her teammatesB her telephone numberC the name of the play during which she was elbowedD the details of events that happened shortly after the incident Correct Answer C6Stress hormones promote stronger memories byA decreasing the availability of serotoninB increasing the availability of glucoseC decreasing the availability of epinephrineD increasing the availability of dopamineCorrect Answer B7Cerebellum is tomemory as hippocampus is tomemoryA shortterm longtermB longterm shorttermC implicit explicitD explicit implicitCorrect Answer C
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