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PSYC 1000

1Longitudinal researchA compares people of different agesB studies the same people at different timesC usually involves a larger sample than does crosssectional researchD usually involves a smaller sample than does crosssectional researchCorrect Answer B2Crystallized intelligence refers most directly to a personsA accumulated knowledge and verbal skillsB ability to reason speedily and abstractlyC ability to assume the perspective of othersD willingness to revise beliefs in light of new informationCorrect Answer A3The ability to learn a new computer software program is toas knowledge of state capitals is to A concrete operations formal operationsB formal operations concrete operationsC crystallized intelligence fluid intelligenceD fluid intelligence crystallized intelligenceCorrect Answer D4The popular idea that terminally ill and bereaved people go through predictable stages such as denial anger and so forthA is widely supported by researchB more accurately describes grieving in some cultures than othersC is true of women but not menD is not supported by research studiesCorrect Answer D5Alzheimers disease involves a deterioration of neurons that produceA dopamineB telomeresC acetylcholined epinephrineCorrect Answer C6Ross believes that personality development is a matter of sudden qualitative changes at various turning points in the life span His viewpoint is most directly relevant to the issue ofA concrete or formal operationsB nature or nurtureC evolutionary or biopsychosocial changeD continuity or stagesCorrect Answer D7Compared with noncohabiting couples which of the following is true of couples who live together before marriageA They are initially more committed to the ideal of an enduring marriage and they become increasingly more marriagesupportive while cohabiting
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