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Nipissing University
Child and Family Studies
SOCI 2036
Karen Quemby

GERONTOLOGY FINAL EXAM REVIEW Part A: Multiple Choice x30 TOTAL= 30%: Part B: Essay Questions: This will be a broad question providing you an opportunity to demonstrate your overall knowledge and application of new information from the course. TOTAL = 25% Part C: SHORT ANSWER QUESTONS: Terms and Concepts: I will be picking 5. Each definition should be a 100 words in length. Please write in prose, not point form. The potential value for each definition is 4 marks. TOTAL = 20% Baby boomers Cohort group Free Radicals Ego integrity Rectangularization of population pyramids Frailty Ageism Dependency Ratio Structural functionist perspective Conflict/Feminist Symbolic Interactionist Wisdom Episodic as opposed to semantic memory Chronological aging Filial piety Supportive housing vs. Long term Care Leisure Gerontology Third Age The relationship between religiousness and age Part D: SHORT ANSWER QUESTONS: Terms and Concepts: I will choose 1 from the following the questions on the exam (Total = 25%) 1. Discuss the implications of a society top heavy with seniors 2. Reflecting on the book Everyman and class discussion, what are the main avenues to providing meaning in life? 3. Using bo
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