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Lecture #26 - Large Intestine & Accessory Digestive Organs.doc

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Anatomy and Cell Biology
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ANAT 101
Richard Oko

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Lecture #26 - Large Intestine & Accessory Digestive Organs THE LARGE INTESTINE • extends from ileocecal valve to anus -1.5 m long, 7.5 cm wide • functions -reabsorbs water and salts -absorbs vitamins -stores feces • 3 subdivisions -cecum -colon -rectum and anal canal • 3 distinctive features -teniae coli: 3 longitudinal strips of smooth muscle -haustra -epiploic appendages Cecum • ileocecal valve Lecture #26 - Large Intestine & Accessory Digestive Organs • vermiform appendix Colon • ascending colon -retroperitoneal • transverse colon -intraperitoneal - transverse mesocolon • descending colon -retroperitoneal • sigmoid colon -intraperitoneal - sigmoid mesocolon • right colic (hepatic) flexure • left colic (splenic) flexure Rectum • expandable Anal Canal opens at anus • • anal columns • internal anal sphincter -smooth muscle, involuntary • external anal sphincter -skeletal muscle, voluntary ACCESSORY DIGESTIVE ORGANS • salivary glands • liver • gallbladder Lecture #26 - Large Intestine & Accessory Digestive Organs • pancreas Liver • largest visceral organ -1.5 kg • primarily in upper right quadrant of abdominal cavity • many purposes -metabolic -hematologic -digestive • 2 surfaces -diaphragmatic (anterior) -visceral (posterior) • 4 lobes -right -left -caudate -quadrate • peritoneum -falciform ligament (mesentary) -coronary ligament (under diaphragm - bare area) *both secure liver into place porta hepatis • -hepatic portal vein: carries blood into liver -hepatic artery proper: carries blood into liver -common hepatic duct: carries bile out of liver Functional unit of liver • liver lobule • hepatocyte • sinusoids (dis
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