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BCHM 316 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Hexokinase, Glycogen Storage Disease, Glycogenin

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BCHM 316
Glenville Jones
Study Guide

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Glycogen Synthesis
- There is a lot of glycogen storage disease ( genetic, those affecting enzymes involved
with glycogen)
Alpha 1→ 4 chains, Alpha 1→ 6 branches
Branches off of primer attached to and synthesized by glycogenin
→ attached to glycogenin tyrosine
Liver and muscle = glycogen stores
- Liver for all organs, muscles for themselves
Needed for glycogen synthesis:
- Lots of glucose in liver and muscle
- Energy ---> UDP-glucose (sugar nucleotide)
- Need to make glucose → UDP - glucose
- Hexokinase IV isn’t inhibited by G6P but F6P makes H-1V retain the nucleus (liver)
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