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BCHM 316 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Tyrosine Kinase, Insulin Receptor, Tyrosine

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BCHM 316
Glenville Jones
Study Guide

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Growth factor, receptors, receptor tyrosine kinases
serine/ threonine kinases: intracellular
Tyrosine kinases inside the cell, binding domain on the outside
hormone/ growth factor binding → effect on cytoplasmic tail
Protein kinase phosphorylates tyrosine residues on tail
Phosphorylated tyrosine attracts other proteins
Concentrated in lipid rafts ( lots of cholesterol and sphingolipids) -
Arrangement of domains→ receptor specificity for hormone
Insulin receptor is a dimer
All receptor tyrosine kinases have tyrosine, kinase domain
Outside of insulin receptor: cysteine- like domains
1. Growth factor binding
2. Dimerization
3. Phosphorylate each other
4. Activate adaptor protein (has SH2 domains)
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