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BIOL 102
Wayne Snedden

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Biology Exam Duration: 3 hours 120 multiple choice (60 per prof) Bring student card and another id IF you need help boil 102 tutorials will be available Important points in the lectures 15 14  Meselsohn and Stahl – (heavy N) N instead of N(normal N) – to make heavy DNA in bacteria for several generations and when light N was added it changed to semi-heavy and then lighter showing semiconservative replication.  Archibald Garrod 1908 – alkaptonuria or black urine homogentistic acid in urine oxidizes and turns dark  What is on DNA and where functional components are o Promoter ( includes response elements -50 to -300), TATA box guides polymerase to site -25 bases up, Transcriptional start site – Have consensus sequence with A following C after pyrimidine, showing A is there, Response elements – regulate genes.  Preinitiation complex o Rna Polymerase o 5 general transcription factors  2 gude RNA polymerase to right start site o GTFS and RNA polyermase comes together at core promoter – this can cause small amounts of transcription  Regulatory Proteins o Glucocorticoid Receptor  Used in metabolism, it is a steroid. Hormones are effector proteins that function at specific site.  Glucocorticoid binds to receptors will stick causing chaperon proteins to release and revealing nuclear localization signal  Forms dimer then enters through nuclear pore due to signal  Finds enhancer sequences (generally DNA sequences involved in regulating one or more proteins close to it)  Post Translation Modification o Insulin Synthesis  Primary product is proinsulin  Encodes 86 aa  Neeeds to be cleaved by beta cell peptidase ( in islet of Langarhans in pancreas) to make insulin (only 51 aa)  Mutations o Mutation on beta globin gene
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