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BIOL 102
Wayne Snedden

BIO EXAM  What was covered in class, use text to help  Any reading indicated in class  Content of animations and voiced over slides  How the short films relate to class  Tutorials next week Meselsohn and stahl - bacteria take up any isotopes of N to make DNA - used 15N instead of 14N to make heavy DNA in Bacteria in serveral generations feed light as well after 1 gen- heavy 2- half heavy 3- half heavy half light 4- half half heavy and mostly light only what this can work is through semiconservative Inborn error of metabolism - homogentisic acid in the urine oxidizes and turns dark - garrod proposed that a lost of damage enzymes was responsible for this - have gene the oxidizes and turn black = black urine easy to follow through family Within the core promoter there is a consensus sequence -Core promoter only on part -Response elements - dna sequence that regulates genes. Bind regulatory proteins that control transcription. - Core promoter for transcription to happen, rna polymerase attaches at end of wear tata box is located Single chain proinsulin is synthesized a Bcell peptidase takes out and turn into insulin - in bacteria take top and bottom part and they are reproduced then put together and they oxidize to form a double sulphide bond to attach - understand sickle cell anemia Germ line or somatic cell mutations - in gametes all eggs would have it therefor everything in the body will have it the F1 generation
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