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Study Guides for BIOL 341 at Queen's University

Plant Physiology

BIOL 341 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Casparian Strip, Hydrostatics, Physical Chemistry

find more resources at Biology 341/BIOL 341 - Plant Physiology Prof. Wayne Snedden Iclickers – find old one; get batteries, bring to every glass 5% easy marks – useful feedback (wil...

BIOL 341
Wayne Snedden
BIOL 341 Study Guide - Final Guide: Phloem, Phytochrome, Cell Membrane

Define x3 a Nitrogeniseconverts nitrogen gas to ammonia innitrogenfixing microorganisms The nitrogenase enzyme complex catalyzes the reduction of N2 to 2 NH3 a sixelectron transfer is coupled to the reduction of two proto...

BIOL 341
Sharon Regan
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