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Queen's University
Classical Studies
CLST 101
Christina Zaccagnino

CLST 101 Exam Vocabulary Kleroukhoi- “cleruchs”, still Athenian citizens Hetairai- Courtesans Apoikoi-colonist, citizen to none Pornai- Prostitutes Suntaxeis- levying contributions Pallakai- Concubines Ta sphagia- blood sacrifice before battle Erastaes- Older Lover Tropaion- Trophy Eromenos- Beloved Kosmetai- Main order Grammatistes- Elementary teacher Sophronistai- to instill self-control Grammata-Letters of the alphabet Hoplitai- hoplites Khoros- chorus Psioloi- light armed Paidotribes- Sport trainer Pelta- type of shield Gynmasion- Gymnastics school Hippeis- rich, could afford hoplite armor Palarstra- Wrestling school Trieres- 3 levels on trireme Sophistes- sage, Wiseman Kubernetes- steersman Aretei- goodness, excellence Keleustes- rowing officer Astunomi- official of civic order Prorates- bow officer Agoranmoi- officials of the market Naupegos- shipwright Metronomoi- officials of weights/measures Aulets- double pipe-player Sitophulakes- officials of grain supply Diekplous- tactic Prostates- patrons Summoriai- 60 people on ship Epitaphioi- funeral speeches Cupria- lost epic poem Time- honor Echidra- half woman half snake Doxa- Glory Khimaira- body of woman, tail of snake Prothesis- laying out the body Hydra- many snakeheads Loutrophoros- Attic wedding vase Kerbos- 3 dog heads, lived in the underworld Ekphora- terracotta group picture Philosophia- devotion to uncommon knowledge Phylai- Administrative units Skhole- school Demokratia- democracy Peitho- persuasion Isonomia- equal political rights Dolos- Deceit, treachery Isegoria-equal right to speak Bia- force, violence Ekklesia- Assembly Gorgias wrote the praise of Helen Boule- Council of 500 Disso Logoi- double argument tes- chairman of boule Nomos- custom, law, culture Prutaneis-50 members of boule Phusis- nature Proedroi- group of highest positi
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