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Classical Studies
CLST 201
Margaret Erskine

CLST 201 Exam ReviewJulius CaesarDictatorship Caesar held his first dictatorship in December 49 BC for 11 days Caesar held his second dictatorship in 48 BC In 46 BC Caesar held a dictatorship that was renewable for a 10 year period On February 14 44 BC Caesar was crowned Dictator PerpetuusDictator for lifeo Caesar was following in Sullas shadowo Caesar had absolute power in Romeo Senate was just a tradition and formality no real authority On February 15 44 BC Antony attempted to crown Caesar with royal diademSuccession Monarchy indicated succession but Caesar did not have a true sono Caesarion CleopatraCaesars sonWedlock In September 45 BC Caesar adopted his grandnephew in his will Gaius OctaviusCarrhaeEarly 44 BC Caesar prepares campaigns against Dacians VS Parthians avenge disaster in 53 BC Avenge Crassus defeat in Carrhae and secure eastern frontier of the Roman empire Sibylline OracleOnly a rex could conquer Parthia so Caesar became REXThe Conspiracy Caesar had allowed for his enemies to live on after the defeat of PompeyThey were now angry with him and wanted to kill him off Caesar became a tyrant which infuriated many people March 15 44 BC The Ides of March 2 Praetors of 44 BC Marcus Junius BrutusGaius Cassius ex Pompeianso From clan that eliminated Sextus TarquiniusDuty to follow ancestorso Figure head of conspiracy to rid Rome of Caesar Other conspirators Gaius Trebonius and Decimus Junius Brutus Caessarians Around 60 Senators were involved in plot of killing Caesar Had to act quickly before Caesar left for conquest on March 18 Killed him publically in the Senate in the hall of PompeyFirst blow came from conspirator C Servillius Casca and followed by 22 more blows Antony stepped in and refused to allow the assassinators bring him to the TiberPowerAfter the death of Caesar the Senate assumed they would regain control Conspirators leave out of fear Marcus Aemilius LepidusMark Antony assume leadership keeping the Caessarian party alive
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