CLST 100 Study Guide - Phratry, Deme, Knossos

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The kingdom of alexander in 323 bce . Portraits of herodotus, thucydides and xenophon the 3 major sources of athenian history. Herodotus: tried to express the long term causes of the war. Herodotus was the first person to write down ancient history. Wanted the reader to be entertained in the texts, added speeches of greek personalities, want to make history book more fun . Every historian has a perspective learn how they behave by how they organize society. Ancient history is not much different from modern history. Athenian decree about the foundation of a colony at brea in trace, c. 445 bce. Athena"s wrote on stones that stay with us for centuries - the stones were set in public places. Shows how much we don"t know about athens. Archaeological sources very good because they are not biased, not good because if we want to know who won a certain war it is almost impossible to find out.