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CLST 100 Study Guide - Graphe Paranomon, Antidosis, Epistates

Classical Studies
Course Code
CLST 100
Christina Zaccagnino

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Greek Vocab List- Oct 15+
Agoranomoi Officials of the market
Antidosis Exchange of properties
Apoikoi Colonists
Astunomoi Officials of civic order (streets+ highways)
Arete Goodness, excellence
Atimia Deprivation of Honor
Atomos Indivisible
Auletes Double-pipe player
Autochthonous- descendants of Ion Son of Apollo and Athenian Queen Kreousa
Barbaros Foreign
Boule Council of 500
Bouletai Councilors
Choregia Training & Equpiment of Chorus (performing in festivals in honor of Dionysos/Apollo/Athena)
Demokratia Democracy
Dike - Suit
Dikastai Jurors
Dikasteria Jury-courts
Dokimasia Scrutiny
Doxa Glory
Eggue Betrothal
Eisphora (pl. eisphorai) Property taxes
Ekklesia Assembly
Epheboi Males between 18-20 in military training
Epikleros Heiress
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