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Aeneid: augustus a(cid:374)d m(cid:455)(cid:272)e(cid:374)eas a(cid:396)e t(cid:396)(cid:455)i(cid:374)g to (cid:396)efo(cid:396)(cid:373) the ro(cid:373)a(cid:374) thi(cid:374)ki(cid:374)g, e(cid:373)phasize pea(cid:272)e, o(cid:272)ta(cid:448)ia(cid:374) (cid:396)esto(cid:396)i(cid:374)g the republic, and on roman traditions, realisti(cid:272)all(cid:455), is p(cid:396)opaga(cid:374)da, vie(cid:449)s augustus as the (cid:271)est hope fo(cid:396) the futu(cid:396)e. 2 - narrating the fall of troy to dido"s court. 5 - funeral games after his father dies. 6 - trip to underworld to visit his father and hear about rome"s destiny. 7 - outbreak of war between trojans and people of latium. 8 - aeneas visits the future site of rome. Fate: the will of jupiter (patron deity of the city of rome) Augustus: ro(cid:373)a(cid:374) ide(cid:374)tit(cid:455), support of the gods, concordia between opposing groups. Get notes from last class (friday march 11th) Vergil: 70-19: e(cid:373)phasize the good old da(cid:455)s, ha(cid:448)e e(cid:454)plai(cid:374)ed the (cid:272)i(cid:448)il (cid:449)a(cid:396) a(cid:374)d (cid:396)ea(cid:272)t to it i(cid:374) thei(cid:396) (cid:449)(cid:396)iti(cid:374)g. Initial period: (cid:1007)(cid:396)d-2nd centuries bc (early republic, golden age, 100 bc to ad 14 (late republic)

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